In 2018, I represented a 16-year-old boy in juvenile dependency court who wanted to be declared an adult. He also said he wanted to become a girl because he liked cooking, wearing make-up, and arranging flowers. I said I most definitely was a girl and had always been and I did not like cooking, wearing make-up, or arranging flowers. But some of the highest paid chefs are men, many men including movie stars and singers wear make-up, and lots of men are florists.  These “reasons” of his to embark on a medically traumatizing and life endangering journey were completely based on stereotypical definitions of what “girls” are – their gender.

In between 1982 and 2021, a lot happened. I watched three women’s breakfast clubs dissolve because men insisted on invading our space. I endured attacks from men at my annual women’s music festival. We fought off an attack on the Lesbian Resource Project by men who wanted access to our space. Where once we had 150 women’s bookstores in North America, they have all but disappeared in the last 20 years. Women’s bars and festivals disappeared as men invaded. The trans ideology has been extremely damaging to women’s rights and especially lesbian rights.


Everyone should have equality and justice.  All people should be accepted for who they are – not what they look like, not what country they live in or what religion they believe, not how they dress or walk or the job they do but how they behave as part of the human society.  We all start on ground zero and make our own way – some good, some bad. Our behavior is how we should be judged not by other characteristics. We should not have to change our body, take dangerous drugs, and have painful and harmful surgery to be accepted for who we are. As a human rights attorney I certainly believe everyone should be safe and should not be beaten or abused.  That includes women – 51% of the population and the prime subject of men’s abuse.

Most violence done worldwide is done by men. This includes the violence done to women and those who pose as women. TIMs are going to be subject to violence because they are posing as the most vulnerable species and then are trying to fool the most violent species – not a good action plan. If all abuse and discrimination against TIMs ended today, women would not be one iota safer. If all abuse and discrimination against women ended today, TIMs would be safe too.

The trans ideology that began as a stealth patriarchal attack has morphed into a money-making medical monster erasing women and eliminating lesbians as it tears its way through our society. The LGBT movement seems to have forgotten the message of the movie “Cured” in which millions of LGBT people were “cured” when activists were successful in eliminating homosexuality as a mental illness. It wasn’t the people who needed to be cured; it was the society. The same is true now. There is nothing wrong with the people who like flowers or can cook, it’s the society who labels and mistreats them. That is what we should be focusing on, not tearing down the precious little protection women have built up over centuries. It should not matter what pronoun I use; I should be treated with the same dignity and respect. But it appears easier to change your body, than to change the society to accept us as we are.


Gender is based on patriarchal stereotypes about women and the creation of structures to control them. The World Health Organization defines “gender” as “the socially constructed roles, behaviors, activities and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for men and women.” Like the creation of “race” for which there is no scientific basis, “gender” is a patriarchal designation. It is a prescribed set of behaviors, it has changed over time and cultures, and it is created by the prevailing power structure for control of the “woman class.”

Hence, the female “gender” would behave this way and the male “gender” would behave that way. For centuries females were relegated to kinder, kirche, kuche – children, church, kitchen. The feminist movement has worked to eliminate “gender” and show that any person can be anything depending on their own personal desires, talents, abilities, and efforts. Reinforcing that “gender” exists, as trans ideology does, only reinforces stereotypes taking us backwards.

Being a woman is not a feeling, it’s not an identity, it’s a biological fact that has resulted in violence and discrimination against women for 5,000 years. It’s our experiences, our heritage, along with our bodies and our child-bearing abilities, that make us women. White wealthy men were never denied the ability to own a house or property, to vote, to get credit, to get a job and keep earnings, to have custody of children (they owned them for hundreds of years), to go to school etc.  These are the experiences that tie women together.

The feeling that we don’t like our body is a universal one. Most teens, certainly girls anyhow, hate their bodies, their hair, their teeth, and pretty much everything about themselves as they mature. Self-abnegation – I don’t like myself, I’m not comfortable with myself, I want a different body is part of growing up. I always wanted to be taller, thinner and have black hair. Part of maturing is learning to love the gifts you were given not obsess about the gifts you weren’t.

In a radio interview in May 2021, a teenage girl said, “I hate that I look like a woman.”  Now if a teenager says, “I hate the way I look,” what do we do? Do we offer plastic surgery so that person can look different?  No, we talk about the value of what’s inside rather than outside, the value of differences rather than sameness, the value of acceptance rather than rejection, the need for self-esteem and self-love. We talk sense. But to some children, we offer plastic surgery, so the child is physically mutilated into something else.  We affirm their denigration of women.

In the movie, Growing Up Trans (2015), many of the children expressed disgust at what their bodies are doing. Many children do. They don’t want to grow up. They don’t want to become adults; they are terrified about the changes in their body. Many are also sickened when they find out about sex and consider that their parents did that. I know I was. Many girls are disgusted when they find out how babies are made. I was. Such a reaction is quite normal; it’s not dysphoria but resistance to change.

Changing pronouns, removing or adding body parts, and taking drugs doesn’t make you equal.  No one should have to deface their body and harm their health to be acceptable to themselves or others. Humans come in an infinite variety. We should be celebrated for that; we should not be shamed or pressured or forced to be someone we are not or to fit into a box we didn’t make. That’s sexism writ large – what feminists have tried to eradicate for centuries. Don’t resurrect it by pretending there is some “way” females are, some “feeling” that makes a female. I like science, flying, and driving fast cars. Should I be a boy?  No, I should be who I am and happy about it. I should be accepted and loved and not beaten up or discriminated against because I don’t fit into the box that the patriarchy tried to put me into by labeling me a “gender.” Not all women like children; not all men like dogs. Let us be who we are, accept us because we are all equally valuable.

Instead, women are erased while TIMs concerns take precedence based on a “feeling” rather than a fact. Organizations claim to be concerned about being exclusionary toward the small percentage of TIMs, but women are 51% of the population and they don’t care about excluding us or our feelings. How does the “feeling” of 1% of the nation override the facts and lived experience of 51%?


Rachael Dolozel was the first but not the last of the “race pretenders.”  Susan Taffe Reed pretended to be Native American. A professor at the University of Wisconsin claimed to be non-binary and Black as she invaded Black organizing spaces. Another white professor, Jessica Krug, at George Washington University, resigned after confessing she had faked being Black for years. These pretenders were soundly criticized by the oppressed class and the society in general. But when men claim to be women and invade women’s spaces and take their positions, the men are praised and those of us who object are pilloried.

This myopathy is evidenced by the National Lawyers Guild that is examining policies after they found out that the previous president was passing as a woman of color. They acknowledge that she occupied space and took leadership positions for years in The United People of Color Caucus, a space created exclusively for people of color. But when I simply asked to respond to a pro-trans workshop, they said I could not speak or I would be expelled from the meeting.  When I said something on the list serve, I was threatened to be expelled from the NLG completely.  So the NLG understands that white people should not be taking up spaces and positions designed for people of color, but they do not understand or care that men should not be taking up spaces and positions designed for women.

The NLG also admits, “Yet, we can say definitively that a lived experience as a member of a colonized community cannot be conjured by means of association, spirituality, choice, or performance.”  Then how do they not understand that a man cannot be a woman because he has not had the lived experience as a member of the colonized community?  I was shouted down at one meeting with “transwomen are women” but that is a slogan, a knee jerk response, not a reality or an argument or an answer to the questions.

National NOW Board did the same thing. In elections in 2020, a board member claimed she was Asian-American for the first time in her 71 years, apparently to boost the possibility of her election. Board members expressed shock, were furious, and asked her to step down. “You can’t wear race like lipstick—one day you want to be red, one day you want to be black, one day you want to be brown,” said Triana Arnold-James, a Black woman and NOW member who was also running for the board. “I don’t appreciate her trying to use that to really keep true women of color out of leadership roles.” Agreed, so why do you not see the exact same thing is happening when TIMs claim to be women?

“BJ is saying she’s an Asian American, but has she really walked in my shoes?” Mariquita Anderson added. “Has she been spit upon, like I have? Has she been denied jobs because her name sounds funny? I highly doubt it.” TIMs cannot walk in women’s shoes. Women have been denied personhood and civil existence. It wasn’t until 1920 and the passage of the 19th amendment that women could vote signifying that they were in fact citizens. It wasn’t until 1971 that women were recognized as being covered under the 14th Amendment; 82 years after corporations were given 14th amendment protection.

Blacks, Native Americans, and other groups have absolutely no reason to trust or have any faith in whites. So it is perfectly understandable why they would want and need to have Black only spaces. Women likewise have no reason to trust or have any faith in men. That is why we also need women only spaces and positions of leadership. But men do not respect women’s spaces.

The result is exactly what patriarchy intends – women’s spaces where women can talk to each other and link up to fight patriarchy are gone. Women are silenced, women lose positions and jobs that they should have, and the definition of women becomes men such as Bruce Jenner being named woman of the year.


Many legal problems arise from refusing to refer to people by their sex. Geduldig v. Aiello  (417 U.S. 484, 94 S. Ct. 2485, 41 L. Ed. 2d 256 (1974)) caused many of us to suggest that Supreme Court justices need a solid grounding in biology as they ruled that the refusal to cover normal pregnancy under disability insurance though other short-term conditions were covered was not discrimination because the two classes involved were not men and women but pregnant women and non-pregnant others – who might be men or women.

A year later a judge said that a rule that denied seniority to women based on maternity leave was discrimination because it fell only on women and was a burden men did not have to bear.  A year after that, Congress passed the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. Needing to express breastmilk is also a burden on women that men don’t bear and so companies cannot discriminate. A woman who had heavy menstrual bleeding was fired because her blood soiled company property. Do you suppose a man who cuts his hand at work and gets blood on a machine or uniform is fired? Again the court said as a uniquely feminine condition, it would be discrimination because no similar male employee could be found.

The eradication of “sex” has dire legal consequences for women. We won’t be able to have our own spaces to heal from men’s violence. We won’t be able to separate ourselves from men for our own safety. Monies that should have gone to research on women’s health will go to men. Money that should have gone to women’s shelters and programs to eradicate sexism against women, will go to men. Positive sexual discrimination to make up for centuries of exclusion will be unlawful. Policies to fight sexual inequality such as quotas and #metoo will be impossible.

In the U.S., The Equality Act as it has been called would strip equality from women. It would require that men are protected under laws meant for women even if they are just “proposing” to undergo some future process.  No one should be discriminated against for who they are, but the primary victims of discrimination have not been white men.

The decision in Price Waterhouse, 490 U.S. 228 (1989) was a milestone holding that “Title VII’s reference to ‘sex’ encompasses both the biological differences between men and women, and gender discrimination, that is, discrimination based on a failure to conform to stereotypical gender norms.”  So we already have law that says you don’t have to behave according to the societally created gender structures. Discrimination against a person because of gender nonconformity is discrimination on the basis of sex as it should be. Gender conformity is based on gender stereotypes, a generalization about how sexes should behave not the facts of how people actually behave and therefore it is invalid. Again, insistence on “gender” by trans ideology is retrogressive.

In Smith v. City of Salem, 378 F.3d 566 (6th Cir.2004) the court said that discrimination against a person because of non-conformity is prohibited by Title VII because it’s punishing him for his failure to conform to sex stereotypes. In Lopez v. River Oaks Imaging & Diagnostic Group, Inc., 542 F.Supp.2d 653, 659-661 (S.D.Tex.2008) the court discussed Price Waterhouse and said the same rationale applied whether it was a male who didn’t conform to masculine stereotypes or a female who didn’t conform to feminine stereotypes. Other cases have said it’s discrimination if the claim is “failing to act like a man,” taking too active a role in child rearing, wearing jewelry that was too effeminate, or carrying a tray too gracefully. The goal is to eliminate discrimination based on gender stereotypes, not reinforce gender stereotypes. However, the confusion in the court comes when they claim that a penis or breasts are gender stereotypes.  They are not. They are biological facts not societally constructed roles.

In Frontiero v. Richardson, 411 U.S. 677, 691, 93 S.Ct. 1764, 36 L.Ed.2d 583 (1973) (plurality opinion), the court referred to the pervasiveness of gender stereotypes that put women not on a pedestal but in a cage. These gender-based classification are inherently suspect because they are based on stereotypical distinctions between the sexes that don’t exist. In Stanton v. Stanton, 421 U.S. 7, 14, 95 S.Ct. 1373, 43 L.Ed.2d 688 (1975) the court again rejected “old notions about men and women’s behavior…” Yet trans ideology is rushing headlong back into old notions about women’s and men’s behavior.

The stereotypical assumption that a husband’s income is more than the wife’s was struck down in Weinberger v. Wiesenfeld, 420 U.S. 636, 637, 95 S.Ct. 1225, 43 L.Ed.2d 514 (1975). Craig v. Boren, 429 U.S. 190, 199, 97 S.Ct. 451, 50 L.Ed.2d 397 (1976) threw out reliance on gender and an allegation of characteristic traits.  Orr v. Orr, 440 U.S. 268, 282, 99 S.Ct. 1102, 59 L.Ed.2d 306 (1979) said it even more clearly, “Legislative classifications which distribute benefits and burdens on the basis of gender carry the risk of reinforcing stereotypes about the _proper place_ of women…._). Yet that is exactly what trans ideology is doing – acting on assumptions about the proper place of women.

Mississippi Univ. for Women v. Hogan, 458 U.S. 718, 726, 102 S.Ct. 3331, 73 L.Ed.2d 1090 (1982) said that the reason for heightened scrutiny is to ensure that sex-based classifications are based on reasoned analysis rather than “traditional” and often inaccurate assumptions about the proper roles of men and women. The Virginia Military Institute case, (518 U.S. at 533, 116 S.Ct. 2264) made clear that the government cannot rely on overbroad generalizations about the talents, capability or preferences of females or males. That is precisely what trans ideology relies on.  Nevada Dep’t of Human Res. v. Hibbs, 538 U.S. 721, 735, 123 S.Ct. 1972, 155 L.Ed.2d 953 (2003) said that Congress can pass laws to counteract such sex-based stereotypes under the Fourteenth Amendment.  J.E.B. v. Alabama ex rel T.B., 511 U.S. 127 (1994) found that government acts based on gender stereotypes that presume women and men’s appearance and behavior will be determined by their sex, embodies the very stereotype that the law condemns. This is precisely the harmful underpinning of trans ideology.


The degradation and erasure of women is evident when women are referred to as body parts – vulva owners, front holes, vagina possessor, menstruator, people w/cervixes, or non-men. But men are not referred to as penis owners, back holes, prostate possessors, sperm producers, or non-women. Women who disagree with the movement are called “transphobic.” But phobia is a fear. I do not fear them; I disagree with them. I should be able to disagree and speak my mind without being attacked and vilified.  Social validation of an opinion or a feeling is not a human right.

The board of the NY Abortion Access fund stopped using the word women when talking about “people who get pregnant.” That erases the lives and experience of 51% of all people to support the feelings of a miniscule percentage of women who claim to be men but who still get pregnant. Men are being centered; women are being erased.

There was a petition against NARAL for hashtag #StandwithTexas women and the phrase “Trust Women.”  What should it say?  Trust those who have vaginas. Absurdity abounds.

I worked in the movement to end violence against women since 1976. We used to call it woman beating. But along the way, it got changed to “domestic violence.” That erased male agency and accountability and makes the victim invisible. Many of us protested to no avail. The same dynamic is playing out here to erase the female. Our rights are sex based because our abuse has been sex based for centuries. When men are men, but women are bodies with vaginas, then only men count. Like Doublespeak, the statements are the opposite of reality.

We are told we can’t even say the word “woman” because it makes TIMs feel bad. If I call them men, they claim it’s abuse. But it’s abusive to me to call me a “front hole.” If we can’t talk about women, we can’t talk about sexism. If we can’t talk about sexism, we can’t fight it. If we can’t fight it, we will lose all the gains women have made. Men, whether in skirts or not, are still trying to tell women what to do.


To accommodate the “feelings” of men, women are supposed to sacrifice their speech, space, and safety. Millions of women do that every day to stay alive. Millions have said – let him think he thought of it and then he’ll do it.  How is this any different than the usual behavior of men under patriarchy? The little space that we have clawed out, we are expected to give up.  As Andrea Dworkin said, systems of power are just reorganizing themselves – women are still at the bottom.  And men continue to do horrible things to women.

For a man to “feel” like a woman, they must believe in stereotypes – like cooking, flowers, and make-up. Believing in stereotypes is sexist itself.  Before “gender,” the proper phrase was “sex roles.”   A tenant of feminism is that women have rejected the notion that we are relegated to our bodies. It is no surprise that girls want to become men because women are treated so badly. I have been mistaken for a man while traveling on planes and in hotels. I usually don’t correct them because they treat me so much better.  At the end of the trip, I correct them and tell them why to let them learn from their own stereotypes.


The loss of women’s spaces is a serious concern especially for women who are victims of men’s violence. A rape victim was forced to quit therapy in the in UK because a 6-foot TIM in men’s clothes was allowed to participate. (Sanchez Manning, The Mail, 27 November 2021). As any woman can tell you, the conversation in a group is very different if there is even one man in it.  His feelings were valued over hers. The women were to sacrifice their feelings to save his. For all the talk of “triggering,” the fact that a male presence might “trigger” a woman who has been raped, is of no concern. The same charity runs a group for men and a group for TIMs – but no group for women – the vast majority of those who are sexually assaulted.  It was feminists who did the hard work to create the sexual assault centers and shelters for battered women to clean up after male violence. Now males take them over and throw women out. They expect that women should respect their experiences and make them feel safe but do not respect the experiences of women, abused by men, who also need to feel safe.

In Portland in 1999, the lesbian project director said she was a male and was to be known as a man henceforth. So the collective eliminated the word “woman” from the bylaws and eliminated the woman-only focus. Anyone who said she was a woman could vote – apparently not the paid staff member though who said she was a man.

Many have heard of the closure after 40 years of the Michigan Women’s Music Festival.  I attended several of those festivals and could not help but observe that TIMs were there. That wasn’t the problem. The problem was the continued erasure of and disrespect for the specific experience of being born and living as female in a patriarchal, misogynist world. The problem was those who insisted that the focus must be on them and not on women. The space was created by women for women to not be questioned and threatened, to define their own lesbian culture, to be with women born women who have lived our lives oppressed because we are female. Instead, they wanted the focus on them – just like men. Whenever women honor themselves, we are attacked.

In a northeastern state, after years of organizing, women succeeded in obtaining a designated seat for a woman on the county party leadership board. But the person who got that place was a TIM. The photo showed what was obviously a man with an erect penis sticking straight out in a skin-tight short knit dress. Obviously, he was very excited to get that position that had been reserved for women. Stories are legion of women who lost their positions on sports teams and Olympic trials to men.

While women are criticized and attacked for not being inclusive of TIMs, it is in fact the trans ideology that is not inclusive of women. Women are to sacrifice their sports teams, their bathrooms, their spaces, their slots on boards that they worked so hard to create to men.  Males are centered; women are erased. Our claim to be women does not count. I refuse to use the term “cis-woman” because I define myself as a woman. If they can define themselves, so can I. I refuse to identify pronouns because it should not matter what your pronoun is, you should be treated with equality and dignity.  Men do not get to define me. They do not get to label me. I will not stop calling myself a woman because I might offend some person who was born male.


Who said girls like pink?  in fact before World War One, pink was for boys and blue for girls. Who said girls like dolls & boys like trucks?  I never played with a doll in my life. I did play with a lot of cars and trucks and smashed up a few as I got old enough to drive. Who said boys are good at math and women at cleaning? The Black women in Hidden Figures put the men on the moon. Both my brothers have cleaner houses than I do. They are better cooks too. We are trained from childhood into the roles (gender) we are told to be. We all don’t fit. Nothing is wrong with us. It is not us who need to change. It is society that needs to change. Feminism is about changing society. Trans ideology is about changing your body to fit into society.

Trans ideology asks us to accept the belief that there is gender i.e. some specific way fe/males are. That completely undercuts the basic tenant of feminism that we are not defined by our sex and certainly not by our “gender.”  A person who says I’m a boy, but I feel like a girl suggests that there is a certain feeling that is a girl or a certain way that girls are. That is not true, but it plays right into the stereotypical roles (gender) that patriarchy established to keep women subordinate. There are as many different types of girls (boys) as there are girls (boys).  All are okay. There is no “female” brain; there is no one way that women are. For equality to arrive, society must stop believing in stereotypes and start believing in people.


Men beat, rape, murder, and discriminate against us because we are women not because we are feminine or because of our “gender.”  Men overwhelmingly commit violence against women – they rape us, exploit us, force marriages on us, genitally mutilate us, commit so called “honor” killings etc.  A study by MOJ Offender Management Statistics shows something we all know – men and women have very different crime patterns. Men have a much higher propensity to commit sex crimes. They found that half of the male prisoners who identify as transgender have been sentenced for sex crimes. Those men show a similar propensity to commit sex crimes as men in general. Identifying as a woman does not change that. Putting them in women’s prisons only gives them access to their victims.

The California experiment of putting TIMs into women’s prison was prefaced by giving women condoms indicating the officials knew exactly what would happen – rape and unwanted pregnancy. And indeed that is what happened. Men’s “feelings” are prioritized over women’s safety.

Women are Human blog Nov. 23, 2021 reports that a male rapist of a 12-year-old girl claimed to be a woman and was put into a woman’s prison in Washington State. He promptly began grooming vulnerable women. He groomed and raped a woman who is developmentally disabled and a survivor of sexual abuse.  He has since been released.

In the U.K. a man was masturbating his penis in public and using a sex toy in a public place – yet he was called a woman. This “woman” is charged with exposing her penis – an appendage that women do not have. Calling TIMs women distorts crime statistics because crime by women will be artificially increased thus impacting funding and policy decisions.

Little research has been done on the TIM ideology and a connection to violence against women.  After Target stores changed their policy to allow men into women’s bathrooms and changing rooms, a study was done to compare sexual offenses. (January 29, 2018, Gender-Inclusion Policies and Sexual Violence: A Longitudinal Analysis of Media Reports at Target Stores, Paul Dirks). Sexual incidents increased over the timeframe especially “upskirt” and Peeping Tom incidents that increased significantly. Upskirt incidents increased 2.3 times and Peeping Tom incidents 2.9 times. Sexual predators will take the opportunity presented to perpetrate sexual violence against women in public spaces.

As recently as November 25, 2021, TIMs physically attacked women protesters opposed to sex trafficking in Belgium. About 12 women were attacked and beaten by over 50 TIMs. Another group were attacked in Barcelona. Earlier in the year, women in Paris were hit with eggs and sprayed with red paint. It seems that TIMs support sex trafficking. They can have that opinion but to respond with violence toward women who disagree is a very patriarchal response not acceptable in democratic societies where each side of an issue should have the space to argue and debate.

There is violence against TIMs, but that violence is not from natal women; it’s from natal men. The violent reaction from queer and trans groups is against women who speak up for women and is legion worldwide. Doxing, bullying, threatening, de-platforming, and yes beating and raping (with a very male penis) are reported. One woman said on-line that sex and gender are not the same and she was removed from twitter.  But TIMs have threatened to kill women on-line and they are not removed. Women are not allowed to have a difference of opinion while TIMs are allowed to threaten death. The most telling proof that self-declared women are still men is their misogynist behavior. Declaring yourself a woman doesn’t end woman-hating.


Conversion therapy i.e. attempting to change lesbians and gays to be straight, has proven a failure and harmful and should be banned. However, the trans ideology is itself engaged in conversion therapy to convert lesbians to straight men and gay men to straight women – “trans away the gay.” The trans ideology is homophobic because it says that men who are attracted to men should be women who are attracted to men. Women who are attracted to women should be men who are attracted to women, thus eliminating lesbians and gays.  Research has shown that some families and society would rather deal with a “straight” person no matter how they got that way rather than a lesbian or gay male. This is not a problem of the person; it’s a problem of the society that should be eliminated not indulged.


“Follow the money” is always a good suggestion in the U.S. The private medical sector has great incentive to promote drugs and surgeries. The trans ideology reaps financial rewards for the pharmaceutical and medical industries with lifetime drugs and doctor visits and expensive surgeries on perfectly healthy body parts.

The support of sex trafficking and prostitution by the TIMs represents the same colonization of women’s bodies because women are more profitable as parts controlled and sold by men than as individuals with dignity and integrity. Sex trafficking, prostitution, pornography, surrogacy all are objectification of women’s bodies and biology including sales of breast milk, breast enhancements, babies etc. All are big money makers for men and harmful to women. All are used to divide women like the feminist “pornography wars” in the 1980s.


Many will disagree with this article. Disagreement does not justify violence or the smothering of dissent. Many won’t understand the article because you are not a woman. Many women will also disagree with this article. That is because you are a woman – and women are trained from birth to put everyone else’s feelings first. We are taught to make sure everyone else is warm, fed, happy, and comfortable.  Our needs and rights come last.

My body doesn’t need to change for me to be happy in it. My “butch” behaviors are just fine. Lesbians are just fine. Challenge sex roles, not your body. Fight the unfairness of labeling and stereotyping.  Don’t change yourself with extreme and harmful measures, change society.

Trans ideology is an attack on feminism and women’s equality. Radical feminists challenge men’s entitlements and insist on accountability. Everyone deserves their human rights. You just don’t deserve mine.